the April Fools

The April Fools & making of Third Larry Hutchinson calls me up almost a year ago "hey Mike can you help me with this project I'm producing on Blackberry Way"  I'm in.   Larry's a hard guy to say no to.   Several cameras documenting the story of Blackberry seemed like a lot of hardware but this is Rock

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Jayhawks & Cactus Bloosoms at the Palace

Jayhawks & Cactus Blossoms An extremely cold evening & the second show at the Palace.  The history that building has could make for a great song - I'm hearing Vaudeville, maybe some 1940's jazz.  The good old days of St. Paul did host some well known music.  Mayor Coleman was a huge champion in the renovation of this old landmark theater.  A

Jayhawks & Cactus Bloosoms at the Palace2021-09-17T13:17:50-05:00

Bunkers & Mambo’s Combo

Mambo's Combo Celebrating 30 Years Had to be over 30 years ago when I produced the 1st video for the Combo.   Mastered on 3/4" tape all that remains is a copy of a copy of a copy.    Back then I was trying to figure out if there was a Minneapolis sound, some of the band members had strong

Bunkers & Mambo’s Combo2021-09-17T13:17:50-05:00

Cold Play

Cold Play @ US Bank Stadium Aug 12th US Bank stadium needed more power on this show than was needed for Metallica.   Most of the guys are from University College in London, they are only doing stadiums this tour.  As expected staging was big, colorful yet still stayed true to a theme Chris M created years ago.   If I were

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Music on the Wall

Music on the Wall @ Bad Weather Brewery 2017's Music on the Wall started with a great party on July 14th.  Bad Weather brewery in St. Paul has an event space where we filled a few walls.  Some new prints were added since opening night so be sure to check it out.  The art/photography show ends Sunday August 13th.  This is the 1st year,

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Parachute @ Fine Line

Parachute @ Fine Line The line going down the street to get tickets tonight went the entire 1st Avenue block,  should have got a picture of that.  The gal who gave me my photo pass said the last 2 tickets sold so this is officially sold out.   Parachute comes from Charlottesville, Virginia, do not confuse them with the Christian rock band Parachute from

Parachute @ Fine Line2021-09-17T13:17:51-05:00

Katy Vernon

Katy Vernon @ Icehouse Katy still has that great British accent, even after living in White Bear Lake for 9 years.  This show at Icehouse was one of several return visits and the opener tonight was Chris Koze.   Katy Vernon's folksy, pop music has a nice sound & the horn adds a bigger punch to her upbeat pop sound.  Katy is a natural entertainer

Katy Vernon2021-09-17T13:17:51-05:00

Bear Boating fund raiser

Ahoy!           Free & Easy live at the White Bear Lake Armory Saturday evening was a successful fund raiser for Bear Boating of White Bear Lake,  a non-profit group offering fishing and boating excursions for Seniors, Active Duty Military, Veterans, and Disabled in our community.  Bear Boating is a local organization that gets people out on the water who normally do not

Bear Boating fund raiser2021-09-17T13:17:52-05:00

Montgomery Gentry at Medina

The two Kentucky natives played Medina Entertainment Center Friday evening, the predicted snow storm fizzled so this was a full house.  Country fans were not disappointed - their set list included many old favs.  Hearing "Where I Come From" & "Something to Be Proud Of" brought in a little nostalgia. Eddy & Troy still defiantly & comfortably Redneck.  Their brand of country remains off the path of modern pop. 

Montgomery Gentry at Medina2021-09-17T13:17:52-05:00
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