Mambo’s Combo Celebrating 30 Years

Had to be over 30 years ago when I produced the 1st video for the Combo.   Mastered on 3/4″ tape all that remains is a copy of a copy of a copy.    Back then I was trying to figure out if there was a Minneapolis sound, some of the band members had strong opinions on that & this was a golden time for Minneapolis music.

Dr. Mambo or Tim Emerson started the band shortly before I produced that old video.  Early history started with Tim, Bruce Jackson, David Eiland & Margret having a thing for R&B.  Melanie, Cynthia Johnson & Debby Duncan were all power house singers now add Billy Franze & Bobby Vandell & you get a Minneapolis Motown sound thing.  Lots of band members have come & gone. Bunker’s Bar & Grill has stayed about the same.

“We have always had the best female vocalists.”

“we know people…music creates this global family and Minneapolis has this special niche-live here for more than 10 years & you understand what I’m talking about.”  

“Bunkers is a destination, a landmark and the Combo has 30 years in working that reputation.”

“Cody, the sound man helped us create this perfect wall where volume is perfect on the vocals & people can actually talk at the bar.”

The story of Bunker’s Bar & Grill & their house band the Combo is 30 years young, how long will it continue is your guess.  Word on the street is this October Bunker’s will host a “Celebrating 30 Years” a party not to forget.  Keep an eye on their web sites & facebook.