Jayhawks & Cactus Blossoms

An extremely cold evening & the second show at the Palace.  The history that building has could make for a great song – I’m hearing Vaudeville, maybe some 1940’s jazz.  Mayor Coleman was a champion in the renovation & seeing him jam with the Jayhawks helped make a perfect evening.  The renovation leaves much of the original interior & added the necessary modern amenities.   Almost $16 million to renovate & the Palace is now a 2,800-seat venue.

Mark Olson, Gary Louris, Marc Perlman (bass) and Norm Rogers (drums) have been doing this since 1985 – certainly one of the best bands coming out of Minnesota.  Tonight Mayor Coleman sat in on Waiting for the Sun, Two Hearts, and Comeback Kids-the mayor sounded great.

If you are a fan of these guys you might have mixed feelings about some of the material on Smile.   I feel Smile & that time frame defined the Jayhawks as an American band.  I’ve never heard the term “ruralturnative” until well after the release of Smile-I really like that word.  Ryan Kearney wrote a review in 2000 that describes their music in a Sunday afternoon listening thing.  https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/4221-smile/

Cactus Blossoms started with “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me”.   Their vocals always beautiful & their country influences are many some old school.  The guys have this dark thing that is subtle & it sneaks up on you.  Their song “Mississippi” is featured on Twin Peaks.  Listening to that dark side they could make a perfect song on a Coen Brothers flick.

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