Cold Play

Cold Play @ US Bank Stadium Aug 12th

US Bank stadium needed more power on this show than was needed for Metallica.   Most of the guys are from University College in London, they are only doing stadiums this tour.  As expected staging was big, colorful yet still stayed true to a theme Chris M created years ago.   If I were sitting way back & up top I might have complained about the sound mix but from all the different points I checked out the sound was fantastic!   The wristbands are back for this tour, the multicolored LEDs were more sophisticated then last tour’s bracelets.   1st picture below you can’t tell how bright these LED’s pulsated, wish I could get one of these for granddaughter.  Love them or hate them, Cold Play delivers – they are a band of spectacle.

Sandy & I liked the small stage far back from main stage, this small stage provided a nice acoustic departure & gave drummer, Will Champlin a chance to sing a great song.  Mix coming off stage 2 was crystal clear ….  yes I’m talking US Bank stadium.   This good sound was confirmed by several friends I talked to afterwards who sat in very different areas of that football stadium.  The guys in Cold Play don’t look to be aging much, the crowd not surprisingly almost all white.    The confetti cannons boomed recycled paper & the fireworks well timed .. great music & great show!

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