Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper @ the State Theater Alice did the State theater December 5th, the costume changes were no Christmas story.  As always Alice lost his head during the show.  "Ballard of Dwight Fry" & "I Love the Dead" put everyone in the proper mood.  The guillotine & gas stretcher are my favorites but he has a lot more going on stage, great rock & roll guitar

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Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas @ Northrop Friday June 19th was a warm night at Northrop Auditorium, between the warm up act & Rob there was a fire alarm that sent everyone outside for at least 20 minutes.  I was worried this show would cancel but we were finally cleared to go in. Time outside got me thinking .... where is that 1st Matchbox 20 CD?   I misplaced it or

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Tweedy at 1st Avenue

Tweedy & Spencer @ 1st Avenue This Sunday night some ol’ college friends & I saw Tweed's newest band featuring son Spencer.  Tweedy & his drummer son did a slight departure from the Wilco sound - the “boy” sure has dad’s music talent.  "Fake Fur Coat" was a perfect opening song & I always think of Bob Dylan when I hear it.  You gotta love Jeff Tweedy &

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Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith at the Zoo Another perfect SMA show at the Minnesota Zoo.  Caroline Smith started the evening then Black Joe Lewis finished off the night.  Caroline has been around the twin cities for over 10 years playing with different people & doing solo performances.  Tonight it was hard to picture her as the Indie folk singer, she has clearly switched to an R&B style. Caroline is

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Los Lonely Boys

Los Lonely Boys at the Zoo When you mix blues, Chicano rock, Tex Mex, Latin rock & great guitar playing you get Los Lonely Boys. The 3 brothers from San Angelo, Texas are the main force here. The brothers prefer the term American Chicano & Texican Rock n’ Roll. They might not have the strong harmony & smooth rhythms of Los Lobos instead

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Mavericks at the Zoo Mavericks are by far my favorite 2015 concert since the Stones.  Some of their older influences are Wilco & Cheap Trick. You just smile hearing these guys & it's Tex Mex with great vocals.  Paul Deakin on drums looking very  serious on that stage - I don’t think you want to piss him off.  This band is


Robert Cray at the Zoo

Robert Cray was President Obama's favorite blues artist.  That sweet voice must be from growing up in Georgia & Virginia.  I say Robert is a modern blues man.  He might sound like Chicago Blues but Robert lived the good life in Oregon playing college gigs on the West Coast.  You guys remember the guitar player in the house band in National Lampoon’s Animal House. 

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Robert Randolph at the Zoo

This was the last SMA Music in the Zoo show for 2015. Robert Randolph & the Family Band & Ben Miller played to a warm night & anxious fans.  If you are not familiar with Robert his signature pedal steel guitar sounds more like Jimmy Hendrix than the twang of country western.  His gospel influence started when he spent countless hours praying & practicing in the

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