Rob Thomas @ Northrop


Friday June 19th was a warm night at Northrop Auditorium, between the warm up act & Rob there was a fire alarm that sent everyone outside for at least 20 minutes.  I was worried this show would cancel but we were finally cleared to go in.

Time outside got me thinking …. where is that 1st Matchbox 20 CD?   I misplaced it or let someone use it & I need that back!  Damn!  Rob performed three Matchbox 20 songs this evening including “Bent“.  Hearing “Little Wonders” live was my favorite.

Tonight the auditory system in my head still wanders back to that Matchbox sound.  Rob Thomas has written a lot of material since his solo career, my favorite might be “Disease” the collaboration with Mick Jagger, we did not hear it tonight.  The cool thing about seeing Rob live are the expressions & energy he pours into these shows.  A great version of “Pieces” here.