Caroline Smith at the Zoo


Another perfect SMA show at the Minnesota Zoo.  Caroline Smith started the evening then Black Joe Lewis finished off the night.  Caroline has been around the twin cities for over 10 years playing with different people & doing solo performances.  Tonight it was hard to picture her as the Indie folk singer, she has clearly switched to an R&B style.

Caroline is a song writer passionate about woman’s issues, tonight we heard lyrics & comments about “being a strong woman” – not surprising her new album is titled “Half About Being a Woman”.  This long legged artist/song writer from Detroit Lakes, MN sang original material then several R & B cover songs.  Caroline did a beautiful rendition of Roberta Flack’s “Feel like Makin’ Love”.  She was also kind enough to let her back up singer do a great solo song.

Years ago I heard Caroline at the 400 bar & knew she was headed for bigger & better things.  Everyone appeared to love Caroline this evening & her background singers really compliment the R & B direction.  Indie folk might be old stuff now but I’m hoping to hear a little more of that old Caroline in a new CD. Don’t miss an opportunity to see her live she has a beautiful soul voice & a good mix of different styles.