Steve Vai

Ames Center provided the theater experience on October 23rd & Sandy wanted the up close & personal experience with her favorite guitar player.  Sandy is a huge fan since that great movie “Crossroads”.   Steve’s performance was brilliant in that movie and you get that feeling the devil was with Steve in that performance.  I’m sure Ralph Macchio learned much from the master during filming of that movie.   Tonight Steve’s set list included many old classics: Crying Machine, Erotic Nightmares, The Animal, The audience is Listening, Sisters, Racing the World.  He ended with “Fire Garden Suite lV”.

Vai was voted the 10th “Greatest Guitarist” by Guitar World magazine.  To my untrained ear Steve’s style sounds much like his good friend Joe Bonamassa.  About half way through this show I felt Steve was really connecting to his Minnesota audience.  His interactive video performance with artists from the past was the highlight for me.   “His interactive performance of “The Audience is Listening” shows what an incredible drummer Jeremy Colson is.   Steve’s other interactive performance was with Joe Satriani up on the screen.  Steve has played with the best & in several of his songs you clearly hear influences from Frank Zappa.

Here is a great orchestra performance Steve does on “For the Love of God”.