Goo Goo Dolls in Wayzata

goodoodolls_wayzata-2014_bywurm-88Saturday evening the Wurm’s were lucky enough to hang out with God-daughter & her friend, these gen-X ers are Goo Goo Doll fans – so are Mike & Sandy.. Wayzata beach celebrated James J Hill Days with their outdoor concert so I scrambled for a media pass from the Chamber.  Perfect night & John’s voice was dialed in well for this outside venue.  From a photography perspective it was disappointing that John was wearing shades.  Not sure if there was a camera flash incident in his last show but the message was loud & clear with a sticker on his acoustic guitar-no flash.  See the 3rd pic here.

Seeing the Goo Goo Dolls outdoors on a hot night with fireworks was a good rock & roll bonding experience with God-daughter.  John Rzeznik has been putting out new music but nothing breaking big.  The guy from Buffalo NY still has that unmistakable voice. We heard a few new songs, I still say he is an underappreciated song writer with lot’s of stories yet to tell.  Two of Rzeznik’s big influences are Minnesota artists Bob Mould & the Replacements.   Just u-tube some of John’s early unplugged versions of “Better Days” it goes right through your sole, what a contrast to Tupac Shakur’s song Better Dayz.  John is a guy who was to shy to be lead singer when he 1st started the band. Wow-hoping he comes back soon!

Just some great Rock & Roll & hanging out with god-daughter.