Little Steven Van Zandt & the Disciples of Soul @ Ames Center

Steven Van Zandt: "Soulfire Teacher Solidarity Tour 2018

Friday November 2nd 2018 E Street Band’s brilliant guitarist and Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer, Steven Van Zandt came to Ames Center with Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul.

Van Zandt feels this is the most exciting band he’s ever put together.   Disciples of Souls originally started in 1982, this new group includes a five-piece horn section, three backing female vocalists and a horn player that plays squeeze box. They captivate the audience with 10 subgenres during the show.  From sweet soul music to doo wop and blues, from hard rock to a little folk, add in a little reggae and salsa and out of the blue will come some cinematic stuff from (famed spaghetti Western composer) Ennio Morricone.

It’s all part of Steven’s TeachRock Music History Curriculum tour which has signed up over 10,000 music teachers so far. Teachers are treated to free tickets to his concert and a workshop before the show. “This curriculum helps teachers immediately gets kids’ attention,” Van Zandt said to reporter Piet Levy from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  “I don’t care how shy they are, it doesn’t matter, what race, what gender, every kid is into music. Our lessons trace where an artist comes from and offer a little historical context about the music.”  Minnesota teachers were well represented this evening – social studies, technology mostly music teachers in secondary ed.    More info here

We wish Steven all the best in getting his new programs integrated into the school district curriculums nationwide.

On a local level we would like to thank Joe Filipovich, Jeff Dayton, Brian Bart, Carlos Boyce, Tommy Wiggins, and Mary Jane Alm (just to name a few) and all of the others locally who are working with the kids on various levels to hone their crafts on songwriting, blues education, and music production. There is a special place waiting for you in the world beyond for sharing your great talent, experience and wisdom with the next generation.  In the immortal words of Twin Cities composer Gregg Infofer “If I Wore A Hat–I’d Take It Off To You” Gregg Infofer

Thoughts and words by Mike and Neal Bond

Steven Van Zandt