Har Mar Superstar @ The Zoo

Har Mar Superstar_Zoo 2015_bywurm 11

Har Mar Superstar or Sean Matthew Tillmann makes fun of everything mostly himself.  He is a local treasure that can dance, sing & entertain you.   If you are not familiar with this Minnesota soul man check out his KTCA Lowertown Line performance hosted by Dessa.  Har Mar is not afraid to show some skin.   If it’s a hot night on stage he will do a few songs with nothing more than shorts & sweaty under ware – with a body like that he is sure to drive the women mad?

Har Mar’s voice is honed from years of singing different genres of music, but he really has a voice designed for R & B & soul.  The choreography on stage is “modern art” almost feels like he is mocking some old school moves.  These back up dancers are fun to watch & work hard up there.   Check out this older video “Lady You Shot Me”.   Don’t miss him if you get a chance to see this Minnesota super star.