Morris Day & the Time

Sue McClean & Associates promoted another hot evening on June 30th.  Morris & the guys have made a few stops in Minneapolis recently, the big one being Paisley Park in January.  1984 was that big year for the Tyme much has happened in the band since then but tonight is living proof that Morris still has the stuff.  I got there late & missed the opening act Mina Moore.

The new Jerome Benton looks just like the original.  It’s pure Minneapolis sound and you gotta love it when Morris said “Jerome, bring me my mirror”.  We heard many of the favorites & for me this entire evening was “jungle love”.

This band is truly a Minneapolis legion & its always fun to see Jellybean Johnson playing & hanging out in the local venues.  Jellybean is one of the most versatile & accomplished musicians in the twin cities.

Morris is always generous inviting fans up on stage to dance during late part of the show.   The crowd tonight included some old friends from River Falls Wisconsin.  Here is an old favorite from Morris that will bring you back to the late 80’s.