ellie goulding performance photography by wurm

Ellie Goulding puts heart & energy into these big shows. Our Gen X & Gen Y music consumers buy lots of her music, she is at the front of this dance, pop, synth thing but her sound is more complex than any single music genre.  This latest British music invasion includes Ed Sheeran, Adel & Ellie, there are many others but Ellie stands front & center in the electronic thing.

Ellie’s dad was an undertaker, wow…..I’m having a hard time picturing this super star working with dad on dead bodies & smelling like embalming fluid.   She is big on fitness she has done several marathons & running events to support her philanthropy causes.

For my ear much of this electronic pop produced in the UK sounds & feels like it was copied from DJ stuff originating here in the US. What will never be & can never be duplicated is Ellie’s voice, very unusual, very cool & at the high end of the soprano range.  Hearing her do acoustic material or with the full band its that voice…..she can control a falsetto & blend it into a high note with almost no effort.

Ellie’s original version of ”Lights” is just one testament to her original sound.    The girl has never had a singing lesson, big influences are Bjork & Joni Mitchell.  I need to stop humming ”Lights” can’t hit those high notes.  This acoustic version of “Guns & Horses” is a less polished performance & truly shows how versatile she is.