David Gilmour at the Hollywood Bowl


Our family is huge Pink Floyd fans – celebrating Son-in-law’s birthday was a drive from San Diego up to LA & the Hollywood Bowl.  Sandy & I have always wanted to see the HBowl so this was the big opportunity! There are very few photos that capture what it looks like in real life. The drive from San Diego to L.A is usually under 3 hours but this was Easter weekend, traffic was terrible – California people are used to this. Seeing David Gilmour playing that black Stratocaster in an outside venue is worth a drive on the 5.

Gilmour’s unmistakable guitar sound hasn’t changed much. This Floyd flavored evening made me think about the Roger’s Waters tour in 2010.  David’s show tonight had similarities to the 2010 Roger Waters concert in St. Paul.  These two artists are keeping the ghost of Pink Floyd alive, it was a joy to see so many young people at this concert.  A big highlight this evening is Gilmour playing “High Hopes” that pedal steel sound…wow – you close your eyes & Pink Floyd is there.  Also nice that new generations of fans can enjoy those stage effects, animation & film art that Pink Floyd pioneered.  Start of the second set was “Astronomy Domine” not my favorite Floyd song but that sound in this outdoor theater was pure David & sound was dialed in perfect.

David’s new album is good but I was not wowed by the 3 songs I listened to.   This new ”Rattle That Lock” material is a bit soft for my ears but it is still pure Gilmour & a long way from the the old Floyd material.   Sorry David, I could hear the new song but it provided an opportunity to finally go to the bathroom, felt like the bathrooms were a mile away at the Hollywood bowl.  The last 2 pics here is Roger right before he tore down the wall in St. Paul, Excel 2010.  David’s show was a lifetime experience shared with wife, daughter & son-in-law.  IF you have music loving children encouraging them to listen to David’s material.  Thank you David for a lifetime memory & “Shine on you crazy Diamond”.